Inspire Property Development has been established to encompass a full suite of property options for its customers, from full turn key projects to sales and after sales solutions. Please review our service details below and contact us with your requirements, whether they are for individual or combined services.

Pool Design

The Inspire design team are qualified and experienced individuals who follow both Thai and International codes and standards ensuring they stay current and forwarding thinking for all aspects of property design. Designing properties is not just about the duration of the properties development it’s also about the duration of its life cycle, impacts on the environment, local communities, and customers long-term operating and maintenance costs.

Designing and participating in the reduction and removal of GHG (Green House Gas – Kyoto Protocol) emissions is something everyone should be a part of, whether it be for residential, retail, commercial or any other industry. At Inspire we follow the TREES (Thailand Rating Energy and Environment System) and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) incentives supporting the development and implementation of sustainable and alternative forms of energy to build and power your property.

Following a green and environmentally friendly philosophy will actually provide property owners with cost savings in both build and living/operating costs. See below links for some examples of environmentally friendly cost savings: (Thai) (English)

Bring us your inspirations, we will design and deliver your dreams in harmony with a safe and sustainable environment.

Property Construction Plan

In order to achieve the desired results for your construction project it is important to use skilled and experienced labour. Inspire has a highly skilled team of individuals who have qualifications, training and generations of experience passed on through family elders. A project constructed without the appropriate level of skilled labour will result in poor quality and long-term heartache, and often expense, for its owners.

Material use and installation techniques are another important part of construction and in the reduction of harm to our environment. Hard core (Waste Management) is a construction waste that can be recycled and reused as base and sub-base material for the construction of ground floor slabs, patios, driveways, roads, etc.

At Inspire this is not a new concept and has been handed down through our families generations. This technique, among many that we use, allows us to reduce our construction waste, imported material requirements, and cost to our customers.

Please contact us, we provide competitive quotations without compromising on quality.

Refurbishments and Extensions

We have all seen those stylish bathrooms, kitchens, pools and patios, etc. in commercials, magazines, movies and showrooms, and dreamed of having them one day only to see our dreams destroyed when we find out how much they actually cost.

A style or look is still achievable at a low cost, you may not be able to afford the marble, granite, or hand made tiles that you see but there is still an abundance of options that can allow you to live your dream. At ‘Inspire’ our intention is to see everyone live their dream, so don’t let the thought of the cost destroy you, come in, meet our design team and let them help you turn your dream into an affordable reality.

Do you own a resort, hotel, condo or retail shop that is tired and in need of updating or modernising. Refurbishing and renovating can lead to substantial costs that impact a businesses ability to operate and prosper. Please contact our design team for affordable downtime and design/construct solutions.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repairs of property can often be disruptive and upsetting to a business or household. Holding stock of spares, equipment and material, along with the required skills to maintain operations and repair damages on an unplanned and ad hoc basis is not a burden that a Hotel Manager or Household Owner should have.

At Inspire we have a dedicated team of professionals that can provide quick response and long-term preventative measures to support and assist in relieving those burdens, allowing you to relax in your home or attend your customers room service or poolside needs.

Contact us for both your long-term maintenance and shot-term repair requirements.

Project Management
Project Management

Inspire follow the PMI (Project Management Institute) and APM (Association for Project Management) processes and procedures for managing a projects scope, time, and cost. We are trained in Portfolio and Programme Management, which enables us to support multiple customers and projects ensuring that all projects are delivered on time and to budget.

Should you specifically require Inspires Project Management Services we can offer the full spectrum of project management delivery from Initiation through Execute to Closing, developing scopes of requirements/works, WBS’s (Work Breakdown Structures), Risk Assessments, and cost and performance estimating/reporting.

Please contact our Managing Director for further details on our Project Management services and pricings.